By: Angus Joseph *

Oh Coaland…i mean Poland! host of the COP24 Climate Summit, and ultimate reflector of why institutional changework will not and most likely cannot get us out of our Extinction Crises or address Climate Justice.

Disgusting and yet perfectly honest. The UNFCCC process has long been captured by corporate design and desires, and here we see the farcical demonstration of the host country’s true values during this Climate Summit, considered by many to be Paris2.0

Warnings from the 1% Clown Army — Durban’s COP17 (yes, that was 7 years ago!!!)
The IPCC report released just weeks ago has urged us to adopt urgent and unprecedented action, and warns us of the dangers of continuing the growth model immersed in fossil fuel economy. We know that this is our challenge, and to change it all, we need everyone

And yet, we face the prospect of yet another failed climate negotiation, a succession of COP summits that have delivered weak, ornamental suggestions towards action, and no commitment to either climate justice or a genuine transition into a new paradigm. These players cannot be considered leaders, as they are not facing reality and are clearly not concerned about the future of Nature, humans and the society these two have crafted together

The 7th generation view has been usurped by the 7 figure backhand cheque while the 9 Planetary boundaries continue to be tested

I have been to several COP Summits, creating temporary autonomous creative-community hubs (JungleHouse) and supporting the creative resistance in Defence of Nature. This year i am far away from Poland in Indonesia, setting up a COP-related project. Having seen this pattern of Promises and Lies (not the UB40 album) and seeing no changes to this, I have not abandoned hope or been shifted to digital cynic. The Jakarta JungleHouse has responded to the state of the states (and especially the States) by evolving and experimenting with a fresh form of space, a ParallelProcess that watches the official COP process but is not determined or distracted by it

“We need to grow a new system, seed a new future for us all, while we wait for the old one to die away, so we can finally compost capitalism”

We see the importance of a new system,frustrated by the repetition of “System Change, not Climate Change” and “When do we want it? Now!” chants. Now is Now. This project marks the start of this system ReDesign through developing bio-regional support systems that are actively developing and testing in-house solutions. This is the gLocal approach, keeping an eye on contextually relevant solutions that are practical and implementable, with the other eye on the global picture and perspective

Our ParallelProcess for this project is a ten day CoSchool — a horizontal self- organising team of participants from Indonesia, Malaysia and beyond are gathering to share, teach, learn and develop new skills, from making zines, to digital campaigns to natural fabric printing and vegan cooking. We will also draw on the experience and perspective of local movements, investigate memetic theory, talk about the banking system and in general identify the root causes. This all is channeled towards developing new projects and collaborations within the region and to build the network strength through play, art and innovative fresh approaches

This is the realisation of many years of experimenting and feeling that despair at the end of the COP. That feeling we share, of knowing that the forces of capitalism and individualism have triumphed for the moment, and that We, the People, need to do more than demand. We need to reclaim what is our and begin to write the Future into Existence, create the new frame, demand the impossible and achieve the improbable

If you share our view, that the COP process is not necessarily the best investment of all of our time, and that this model of reDesigning Systems bio-regionally and with local knowledge and culture feeding these, is something we need to explore more, then we would love to chat to you and help advance this model. For now, this is a small step towards this direction, an initiation into what we believe could become the basis for a decentralized (with temporary hubs) model of self organization and global governance, a UnitedNations2.0

And for those in Poland, we, the JungleCrew send warm wishes, solidarity to those in quest of climate justice and to the artivists and campaigners that are holding up the mirror to society!!!

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* Angus Joseph is Citizen.ofthEarthShip. Artivist. Linking permaculture and crypto to the worlds of Justice. Ninjah